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The Finnish Folk High School Foundation (Mångkulturella folkhögskolan)

The Finnish Folk High School Foundation is part of the Swedish folkbildning system. The school aims is to promote civic awareness, to empower the learners to take control of their life and for active democratic participation in Swedish society. The school main target group are adults from disadvantaged groups i living vulnerable suburbs of Gothenburg. The school has four different educational departments: 

  1. The Folk high school: The folk high school has two long general folk high school courses, one with learning outcome at EQF 2 level and the other at the other at EQF 4 level. Three long special folk high school courses with a vocational profile for nannies, personal assistants, and nurse assistant. The school organizes establishment courses for new migrants, Swedish from day one courses for asylum seekers and motivational folk high school courses for the long time unemployed.

  2. The Swedish for immigrant's (SFI) department: The SFI program is subdivided into four subsequent courses A, B, C, D. corresponding to level A1 to B1+ in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR,

  3. The higher vocational training course: for social rehabilitation practitioner with an ethnocultural profile

  4. The Viktoria Montessori nursery providing childcare for the school students and parents in the school's neighbourhood.


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