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Tartu Folk High School (Tartu rahvaülikool)

Tartu Folk High School’s aims to implement the idea of lifelong learning and welcomes adults of all ages. Our school is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, or learn something new in order to cope with life. We offer various possibilities for self-improvement that are connected with work or leisure time.  In addition to training, we organise cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts.

TFHS was established in 1987. During the first 14 years, it was known as Tartu Cultural University. In 2001 the Tartu Cultural University Association, Turku Adult Training Foundation, and Tartu City Government created the independent foundation, Tartu Folk High School.

Today TFHS is the biggest independent training centre in South Estonia. TFHS has been continuously developing a modern, professional adult training centre that provides high-quality continuing education to meet adult educational, cultural, social, and economic needs.

We offer workshops and courses that last from a few academic hours up to a whole semester. Course subjects are categorized thematically: language courses, visual and applied arts, handicraft, professional skills, psychology and personal development, health and well-being, culture, gardening, cooking and home improvement.

We write projects to develop new action models and course plans and to support organizing courses for specific target groups like seniors, people with lesser opportunities, newly arrived immigrants - refugees and people who work in the non-profit sector etc.

Tartu Folk High School is providing language learning, we have been organizing language courses for at least 25 years  and 17-20 different languages are taught each semester.  Since 2016 we have been teaching Estonian to newly arrived immigrants. We have created a special curriculum and we are adapting this to the participants’ needs, taking into account their educational background and language learning experiences. We have experience teaching immigrants with lower education levels and without knowledge of the Latin alphabet. We have created our own learning materials for newly arrived immigrants.

TFHS is a leading partner in different local and international projects and a reliable partner in cooperation projects.


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